Bowen First Aid. Helping clients when you can’t see them in person

There are times when our clients need us, but for whatever reason can't get to us. They're on holiday, we're on holiday, everyone's on lockdown or for a myriad of other reasons. This workshop will help you to guide clients through self treatment as well as helping where there is another person in their household. This course has been developed by senior CBS Tutor Jo Wortley who has been a Bowen therapist for over 18 years. It will enable you to charge clients and maintain a presence and although is not a substitution for a hands on treatment, is the next best thing when a therapist is unavailable. This is NOT 'distance Bowen,' but a practical, hands on and reliable means of helping people without actually having them in the same room.


Section One. Introduction

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Standard

An introduction to the core principles of the course, what will be covered and what we are doing and what we are not doing.

Section Two Getting Started and charging

In this section we look at some of the considerations around charging and what you will need to consider. We will also look at what problems you might encounter along the way.

Section Three

Don't forget the breaks!  Even though we're not there, the breaks are an essential feature of Bowen.

Section Four

Length: 16 minutesComplexity: Standard

Bowen self administration.  Videos on how to guide people on applying the moves themselves.

Section Five

How to guide people on applying moves to others in their household.


A resource list of items mentioned on the course